Need help on English to kanji translation for a tattoo

Firs post to this community! Hope you guys can help!

Okay, I'm getting a tattoo on my birthday in a few weeks. And I've been planning on getting cherry blossoms on my ankle, but suddenly changed my mind yesterday and decided I want something on my shoulder blade. I was thinking a haiku or a quote and I found a site that looks pretty good, but I wanted to check with some other people. (I'll go find a dictionary sometime, too, lol)

The quote is: "Fortune comes to those who smile."

freetranslation gives this - 運が、ほほえむ人に達します  - I understand that that's an approximate translation and not exact, since I used to use that site for help with Spanish.

Here's what the website has: (Sorry, I can't just get the kanji image for you.)

Since I'm no good with Japanese verb tenses and I'm absolutely horrid with kanji, I'm not sure if freetranslation just has verb tenses wrong or something, because the quotes seem dissimilar to me. Or maybe I'm looking at them wrong.

Help, plz?
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Hello, it's my first post in this community :)
I was wondering if someone can help me translate this page, I really need it for something I'm doing
so if anybody can help I'll be thankfull.

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Song for me

Hey everyone!
I've just finished my first translation in a while, and was wondering if anyone would mind looking it over for me. I also have a couple of questions - there were some lines that puzzled me.

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help with a few interview questions/answers

Hello. I am currently working on translating an interview of a band for the English-speaking fandom. The thing is, my Japanese is not particularly good, and I can't decipher a couple of the questions. There were 115 items total, and I managed over 100, but a few are giving me grief. I was hoping someone could help. It was kind of a 20-questions type interview, where each member of the band was asked a question with a reasonably sort answer, usually no more than a sentence. The fandom for this band is quite nice, but the stuff available in English is often very limited, so I want to be able to complete this one. Help would be hugely appreciated.

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This shirt is driving my boyfriend ( and me..hahaha) CRAZY. The site it came from claims it's in Japanse but i don't even know for sure. If anyone would be willing to translate it i'll upload a better picture. I know this one is small. I swiped it from the website.

QT: Attolia

Tasukede! (help)

I have been working on a translation. It is a table of contents for a book. There are two words in particular that are giving me grief.



These words don't appear in any dictionary of mine. All and any help would be very much appreciated.

Thank you.

Translation help

Hello all, recently I used a photograph taken by a Japanese girl for the cover of the latest record of my band. She wrote a blog about this in Japanese and I cannot fully grasp what she's saying by using online translators and I'm very curious to know what she said. I really appreciate the help!





The Loaded WhispersのSydさんも

それからThe Loaded Whispersさんの音楽は


Can't find this character

I can't find the first kanji in any of my dictionaries.
Any one recognize it? Or can translate the title for me?
I would like to know the ROMAJI (so i can pronounce it :) and the meaning.

first - ?
second - (MAMORI) defend
third - (SAI) repeat, again
fourth - (ROKU) record, transcript